36.6 pharmacy chain implemented SAP Commerce Cloud for its online store 366.ru

36.6 pharmacy chain has implemented SAP Commerce Cloud for its online store 366.ru.

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PJSC Pharmacy Chain 36.6

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36.6 is the largest pharmaceutical chain in Russia and the first public (shares traded on the MICEX) Russian company in the retail sector for beauty and health products. Under its management are 1755 drug stores in Moscow, Moscow region, St. Petersburg, and Leningrad region.
Creating an e-commerce platform.
Organization online sales for the entire pharmacy chain.

The increase in the share of online sales has become the most important strategic task set by the management of PJSC Pharmacy Chain 36.6 to the company's employees. Prior to the implementation of a complete e-commerce system, customers were only able to book goods at pharmacies in the network or pre-order them as part of a partnership project with Ozon.ru.

The decision to start work was made based on a prepared business case in which the key KPIs of the project were identified: revenue, conversion and go-live terms.

An implementation of the solution and the transformation of internal processes — from the foundation of the e-commerce department to the launch of the online store — took 6 months. As the project progressed, users' distrust of new solutions gave way to interest, and then full support for innovations.
SKU in the online pharmacy catalog
Was the share of online sales in the company's turnover by mid-2018

SAP Commerce Cloud platform allowed to implement a multi-channel model of customer service, combining a website, a contact center and offline pharmacies.
The creation of a new line of business entailed the restructuring of many business processes: marketing, goods distribution, pricing, retail and online sales.
The emergence of new B2C sales processes caused changes in various departments: order processing through the contact center was launched, warehouse operations were transformed in such a way as to ensure prompt shipment of goods to retail customers.
The project became one of the drivers of business growth. The launch of a new line of business led to an increase in revenue and an influx of new customers.
A single platform for Internet projects was created, which is integrated with partner services.
A loyalty program is being developed.
The work of the warehouse, as well as the processes of pricing, assortment planning, processing and delivery of orders became more effective.
An online store based on SAP platform offers a convenient algorithm for searching products and personalized content, its interface is adapted to various mobile platforms.
After the opening of the online store, an avalanche-like growth in orders and a high conversion rate on the website were observed.

Andrey Sorokin

Director of Internet Projects
Pharmacy Chain 36.6
«I would like to note not only the completion of the planned sales plan, but also the high speed of the project implementation. Thanks to SAP technologies, we managed to create and launch a new sales area in just 6 months».
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