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Enterprise Resource Planning
SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

ERP covers all areas of financial and managerial accounting, production and operations, while also providing powerful analytical tools.

SAP ERP helps to create a unified information platform for the company, to ensure the transparency of actions of employees, reduce costs and increase profits.

SAP ERP systems for industries:
  • SAP for Retail
  • SAP for Wholesale Distribution
  • SAP for Consumer Products
  • SAP for Automotive
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Transportation Management
SAP TM (Transportation Management)

SAP TM – a system for planning and managing the operations for transportation, implemented both on predetermined routes (backbone transport), and within the city when the route is not explicitly determined, and known only to the initial, final and intermediate points.

SAP TM (Transportation Management)
SAP SCM EM (Event Management) - a system for cargo tracking and transportation

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SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management)

SAP EWM – a WMS-system for automation and optimization of warehouse logistics. Implementation of SAP EWM provides coordinated work of all departments associated with the delivery, transportation, moving and storage of goods.

With the help of SAP EWM trade companies can more accurately predict the stocks in warehouses, closely monitor the delivery and receive goods in the specified amount and on time.

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hybris is the leading e-commerce platform in the world. It has the widest array of applications: multi-channel commerce support, data management, integration with social media, processing large amounts of data, applications for mobile devices, and support for multiple websites.

hybris localization for the Russian market includes integration with «Yandex» services, CPA-platforms and payment systems, advanced SEO-optimization and personalization tools.

E-commerce solutions for industries:

  • B2C-commerce (retail)
  • B2B-commerce (distribution)
  • B2B2C-commerce (production)
  • Insurance
  • Telecom
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Forecasting and Replenishment

SAP F&R – a system for predicting the demand for goods and replenishment.

The results of SAP F&R implementation:

  • improving the accuracy of demand forecasting;
  • optimization of the stocks and increase of goods turnover ;
  • optimization of order cycles;
  • reduction of time spent on planning;
  • additional research tools of demand dynamics;
  • high quality of management system;
  • transparency of the supply chain.
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Supply Chain Management

SAP SCM system for managing logistics network helps effectively manage the storage, transport and predict the level of reserves.

NOVARDIS competence within the implementation of SAP SCM:

  • design of supply chains;
  • sales planning and supply;
  • transportation planning;
  • event management in the supply chain;
  • warehouse management;
  • implementation of portal solutions for effective interaction of the company's employees, suppliers and customers.
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Business Intelligence

SAP BusinessObjects provides rapid collection and analysis of information from various sources, graphic visualization of data, information tracking pertaining to the state of the business in real time, anywhere access to data and the provision of basis for the group decisions development.

SAP HANA helps to speed up the processes of business analysis through in-memory technology (data processing in RAM).

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Customer Relationships

SAP CRM - the complete solution for customer relationship management that combines tools for sales staff, marketing and services departments.

SAP CRM helps to see a comprehensive picture of all aspects of customer interaction, from the conclusion of contracts, billing and payment to control execution of orders and further sales.

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SAP solutions help to improve the personnel policy in accordance with international best practices, to reduce the cost of managing staff, to attract and retain the best talents.

HR-solutions based on SAP software:

  • SAP E-Recruiting
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Preconfigured solutions

NOVARDIS solutions - opportunity to obtain a comprehensive system based on SAP to a certain extent, in reasonable amount of time and for fixed investment costs. All NOVARDIS solution are certified by SAP.

  • Novardis Retail
  • Novardis EWM
  • Novardis F&R
  • Novardis HCM
  • Novardis Supplier and B2B Customer Portal
  • Novardis CRM Loyalty Management
  • Novardis Multichannel Sales and e-commerce
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More than 10,000 employees of our clients use NOVARDIS solutions every day
  • Alexey Pronin, head of SAP Hybris Software in Russia and the CIS:

    «We are confident that the partnership with NOVARDIS, whose experts have extensive experience in the implementation of e-commerce solutions and knowledge of the realities of the Russian retail market, make SAP Hybris solutions more accessible to Russian companies».

  • Irina Dementieva, director of supply chain management, distribution and logistics, M.Video:

    «The new system for planning and management of client deliveries based on SAP TM after only a month of commercial operation has stood the test of "busy season". The company has emerged with an increase in the proportion of satisfied customers and increase the timeliness of delivery in Moscow».

  • M.Video

    «The NOVARDIS solution based on SAP Transportation Management has increased the percentage of stores to meet the demand from 93% to 98% when replenishing stores and raise the level of timely delivery in a high season from 95% to 98%».

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