SAP ATTP the system of labeling and traceability of goods
Labeling Process Management

based on SAP Advanced Track and Trace

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With us you can
Perform trade and economic activities with regulated groups of goods
Convey the necessary data to Federal Information System on Monitoring of Goods according to dynamically developing statutory requirements of the relevant countries
Integrate the system for serial numbers management into your IT landscape
Feel secure about the processing speed of serial numbers data of any volume
Adopt scalable and highly available system
Business results
Increased sales volume
Minimized costs for complying with statutory requirements
Minimized risks of penalties and other sanctions imposed by supervisory bodies
Strict control over 3PL to exclude counterfeit from supply chains
Key functions
01. Global serial numbers management
Complying with statutory requirements in operations with regulated goods and regular reporting
03. Storage of the serialization data
Effective integration of marking process into company's current workflow:
Main data
Accounting data
Storage systems/shipping documents
Packing lines/equipment
Electronic document workflow systems
OOB integration into SAP-systems and interfaces pre-adjusted for integration into other systems
Effective big data management: no performance losses when processing large volumes of serial numbers
Serial number’s status can be checked online before logistical operation
08. Embedded random serial numbers generator
Marking with serial numbers in course of production or packing
Internal reporting over events related to a particular serial number
11. Mobile application for storage systems
Package for integrating serialization functions into your current terminals’ applications
13. Object-level authorization
Compatibility with cryptocodes and possibility to be integrated with order management system (OMS)
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