SAP Solution Replication
SAP Solution Replication

implementation of roll-out projects around the world

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NOVARDIS team is experienced in completing digital projects for multinational companies ranging from development of a global template to solution replication in other regions of the Customer’s operation. We implement roll-out projects both as the key project partner and as a local partner for the digital template implementation.

Geografic scope of NOVARDIS’s projects
Czech Republic
South Africa
With us you can
Replicate a solution in all business units quickly and efficiently
Optimize business processes which will meet local requirements and legal regulations
Build unified IT infrastructure
Drive user adoption
Business results
Unified transparent IT infrastructure
Standardized business processes
ll control of the global office over all local business units
An opportunity to make timely management decisions
We know how
Develop a quality digital solution template
Promptly replicate a solution in all local offices
Build efficient communication between the headquarters and other branch offices
Clients trust us
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