Demand forecasting and replenishment planning system SAP UDF
Demand Forecasting and Replenishment Planning

based on SAP Forecasting & Replenishment (SAP F&R)

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With us you can
Forecast sales in individual outlets using cause-effect multiple factor analysis
Plan replenishment according to data on current stocks, sales forecasts, and logistic restrictions
Account losses of fruit and vegetables and other products with shelf life during replenishment
Receive results of analysis on forecast quality, out-of-shelf products
Business results
Increase sales revenue based on accurate forecasts and smaller number of out-of-stock cases
Capability of preliminary preparation of supply, warehouse, and transport logistics for periods of greatly increased sales and stocks
Decreased discard losses
Decreased pressure on planning department managers who will execute more analytical rather than routine work
Key functions
Achievement of economically based proper balance between stock and on-shelf products
Taking into account specific characteristics of products seasonal factors, provision of contracts with suppliers, supplier-specific characteristics of packaging of the same product
03. Automated deleting of sales history
04. Application of modeling during sales forecasts calculation
Highest flexibility in accounting factors affecting sales and history analysis is achieved with bottom-up logics applied during sales forecasting and replenishment planning and
Planning of perishable products management which takes into account probability of expiration and merchandizing practices
Automatic orders pre-order, order balancing, considering halo-effect, cannibalization effect and transport limitations
Flexible functionality for logistic limitations and vendor agreements accounting and vendor agreements accounting
Long term order planning for month, quarter, or seasons with detailed daily data collection
Automatic notification system for forecast disturbances in supply chain
Pre-configured solution
Novardis F&R
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