Collection and storage of customer and sales data system SAP CAR
Collection and Storage of Customer and Sales Data

based on SAP Customer Activity Repository & Merchandise Planning for Retail (SAP CAR)

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With us you can
Plan your sales across all channels using master data and integrated solutions
Model an infinite number of plans with results forecasting suitable for «what-if» analysis
Group individual outlets using machine learning technologies
Optimize your assortment for every cluster according to its parameters
Business results
Deep customer experience and behavior analysis resulting in higher profits
Reduced expenses due to elimination of duplicate data
Real-time processing of information about flow of goods and actual stocks
All information is organized in one source of consistent and accurate data
Higher levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction throughout all distribution channels
Trade optimization by customers’ demand and needs forecasting

SAP Customer Activity Repository enables you to plan your work according to the needs of your customers with the help of customer behavior analysis.

Key functions
Physical (off-line) and digital (on-line) distribution channels
Gathering sales data from every distribution channel
Detailed real-time stock data (accounting for every product by item number in every sales outlet)
Information about product on-shelf availability both for ordinary and promotional products
Single forecasting of demand and better replenishment strategy
Real-time sales analysis throughout all distribution channels for analyzing effectiveness of product\service sales and customer behavior in every sales outlet
Sales effectiveness analysis by product categories and comparison of real sales data versus forecasts
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