SAP-based solutions for digital business transformation
Digital Transformation

comprehensive survey and roadmap development

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Over the past 18 years we have been helping the market leaders to unlock their business potential with the help of innovative IT solutions, global best practices and the expertise of NOVARDIS’s team.

With us you can
Identify bottlenecks in your IT and business architecture
Identify potential growth points
Select the best solutions to optimize processes and services
Use the potential of digital solutions to the full in order to improve the competitiveness of your business
Business results
Detailed digital transformation roadmap
Target architecture of information systems
Accurate assessment of digital solutions implementation
Prepared project plan and expected business results
Business and customer service development strategies based on the global best practices and NOVARDIS’s expertise
We know how
Develop a successful digital transformation strategy
Use IT solutions for business development and scaling
Facts about us
years of successful operation on the market
experts and consultants
successfully implemented projects in Russia and other countries
Clients trust us
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