Enterprise Resource Planning system SAP ERP
Enterprise Management

Intelligent Enterprise Management with ERP

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Intelligent Enterprise Management with ERP
It is impossible to run a company while having no accurate and quickly delivered information. This data should be delivered via highly automated systems.

We offer you the implementation of a system for enterprise management based on digital ERP solution SAP S/4HANA that will increase effectiveness of your business.
Business results
Single information space for all business processes
Transparency of actions of your employees, fewer operational errors and productivity growth
Fast decision-making process based on real-time management accounting
Decreased expenses
Easier scaling of your business
Higher investor appeal
Key functions
Finance Federal Accounting Standards / Tax Accounting / IFRS / Management Accounting / Allocation of Funds / Treasury and Cash Flow Management / Margin Analysis
Procurement Procurement Planning / Procurement Execution from its Initiation and Tender Organization to Delivery and Settlement / Main Data Management
Manufacturing Manufacturing planning / Manufacturing automation / Prime cost calculation
Sales Sales Planning / Sales of Goods and Services / Main Data Management
Real Estate Management Real estate accounting / Analysis of effectiveness level of space occupancy / Settlement with lessors and lesses
Maintenance Repairs and maintenance works planning and accounting
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