Warehouse Management System SAP EWM - automation of warehouse processes
Warehouse Management

based on SAP Extended Warehouse Management digital platform

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With us you can
Automate your entire warehouse management for accurate stock forecasting
Optimize movements and transportation
Make optimal use of storage space
Achieve smooth operations of all departments involved in shipping, transportation, relocation and warehousing
Business results
Costs reduction thanks to optimized usage of warehousing space and efficient resource management
Increased speed of warehouse operations and improved throughput
Improved warehousing services and better customer experience
Reduced returns and lower reclamation costs
Key functions
Full automation of internal, incoming, outgoing and support processes for distribution centers, production warehouses, transit warehouses, consolidation centers and other types of storage facilities
Built-in optimization functions for cyclic loading, stocking, slotting and packaging
Optimization of warehouse resources and personnel management to increase performance and efficiency
Time tracking and monitoring of other characteristics (weight, volume, quantity, distance) for each operation
Possibility to maintain time and cost/price tariffs to calculate prices for 3PL customers and wages for the warehouse personnel
06. Support of pick-by-voice technology
Full automation of warehousing operations’ calculation and assignment of tasks to RF terminals
08. Integration with a multitude of automated warehousing equipment
Pre-configured solution
Novardis EWM
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