Transport logistics management system SAP Transportation management
Transportation Management

based on SAP Transportation Management

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With us you can
Automate and optimize transportation logistics processes
Manage your business in a single information space
Scale processes as business changes
Improve key performance indicators of the logistics system
Business results
Timely management decisions based on reliable and comprehensive data
Reduced transportation costs
Improved customer satisfaction with transportation services
Time monitoring for «just in time» deliveries
Reduced downtime of vehicles
Transparent pricing and cost control
Decreased pressure on planning department managers to perform more analytical rather than routine work
Key functions
Coverage of various types of transportation (by sea, air, road, rail)
02. Support of FTL / LTL and FCL / LCL scenarios
03. Support of shipper and carrier scenarios
In-house and borrowed resource accounting (vehicles, drivers, schedules, calendars, time frames, etc.)
Inventory of hazardous materials in accordance with regulations
Operational reporting on transportation and collection of data for analytical reporting
Solutions for transportation by rail localized for Russia allowing you to integrate business operations with the ETRAN system of Russian Railways
Further solution development by the vendor including new functionality and capabilities
Integrate with solutions for automation of transportation-related processes (SAP S4/HANA, SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP EWM, SAP EM, SAP LBN, SAP YL, SAP TRP, SAP BI)
Integrate with GIS services (for example, Yandex, Google, OpenStreetMap, City Guide, PTV)
Integrate with non-SAP systems and mobile applications
Transportation requirement management
Receive and process orders from the internal accounting system
Generate transportation requirement directly in SAP TM
Receive orders from customers’ systems
Pre-process transportation requests to plan and keep records of product/logistics restrictions
Transportation planning
Automatic routes building and transportation plan development to minimize aggregate transportation cost and take into account logistic constraints
Benefit from the built-in vehicle scheduling and routing optimizer compatible with third-party solutions
Leverage scenarios for automated and manual planning, including additional planning
Plan complex multi-modal transportations
Visualize routes on a geographic map for better control with the capability of manual performance of operations
Leverage Gantt charts
Carrier selection and tendering
Select carriers subject to business shares and quotas
Consider current contracts, including terms and tariffs
Carrier selection based on the cost of transportation and KPI of carriers
Hold operative spot tenders with carriers, including multi-stage contests
Package building
Calculate various schemes of putting items into packages (e.g. pallets)
Consider cargo parameters, requirements and restrictions
Take advantage of 3D visualization of results
Vehicle load planning
Development of vehicle loading schemes based on the sequence of unloading points (LIFO) during the route and axle load
Take advantage of 3D visualization of results
Execution tracking of transportation
Form schemes of transportation events
Monitor actual status and transportation events
Gather transportation data from various sources (e.g. drivers’ mobile applications, vehicle GPS-tracking system, carriers’ systems, portal for carriers, internal systems, etc.), including user input and download from files
Handle exceptional situations, warnings and communications
Visualize transportation progress on a geographic map
Calculation of freight costs and settlements with counterparties
Calculate planned and actual freight cost
Take advantage of actual transportation data
Reconcile invoices and handle claims
Prepare data to be recognized in the accounting system
Carrier portal
Communicate with carriers about processes of strategic contracting, operative tendering and transportation confirmation, transportation execution tracking, payments
Strategic freight procurement
Analyze historical data (what-if analysis, forecasting, simulation)
Communicate with carriers (B2B, e-mail, carriers' web-portal)
Process and compare results, take advantage of graphic representation
Select winners and calculate optimum quotas and business shares
Form agreements based on results in the system for subsequent use in the operational process
Pre-configured solution
Novardis TM
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