Business process optimization system by Celonis
Business Process and Data Analysis

based on the AI-platform Process Mining by Celonis

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With us you can
Recognize physical business processes down to a single user level
Define factors that negatively affect business processes
Analyze in details the causes of deviations
Exclude or correct unproductive steps within business processes
Actively manage and monitor KPI related risks in real time
Create digital twins of your business processes
Business results
Reduction of operational costs and expenses by 10-25%
2-3 times increase in operational speed
Higher sales and customer loyalty level
High level of employees’ operations transparency
Decision-making based on real data, not speculations
Key functions
Real-time data collection and event logs generation
Reflection of your processes in their original design in digital space
Identification of optimal and sub-optimal process paths
Identification of the causes of deviation from optimal paths and its consequential damage
Comparison of the current performance indicators with KPI
Outlining the recommendations for processes adjustment to achieve KPI
Sending the recommendations to the users in working environment
Follow-up supervision, constant improving
Sectors for implementation
Finance - working assets optimization, risk management, and compliance to company rules and procedures
Procurement - deepening the automation level, cost optimization, risk reduction
Logistics and Distribution - ensuring in-time delivery, stock management, supervision over suppliers
Order Management - increasing customer loyalty level, decreasing operational costs, deepening the automation level
Goods and Services Management - change adoption optimization, quality control, life cycle management monitoring
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