Martetplaces based SAP Commerce Cloud

based on SAP Commerce Cloud 

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With us you can
Enable third-party suppliers to work within your digital platform
Give your clients broader choice of products and services, as well as grant them an ability to spend less time on online purchasing
Increase the number of partners from micro organizations and independent entrepreneurs that can offer interesting product lines or complement your assortment
Business results
Larger assortment matrix leading to a broadened client base
Increased sales of own products
Higher revenues from third-party suppliers’ operations
Greater customer loyalty
Key functions
Integration of third-party suppliers into your e-commerce platform
Developed product catalog management system with ability to share responsibility for catalog management with partners
Management of product and price offers from partners and suppliers at website
User friendly back office for suppliers which allows organizing an inner structure for a partner company
05. Allocation of the orders among partners
06. The solution is easy to scale
Broad spectrum of tools for system integration with partners’ solutions
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