Repair planning and management system SAP PM
Repair Planning and Management

based on SAP Plant Maintenance

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With us you can
Implement comprehensive automation of maintenance management to unify business processes
Introduce a high-quality M&R management structure
Ensure comprehensive accounting of repair facilities, including their life cycle management
Standardize reference data for M&R
Optimize M&R planning processes
Seamlessly integrate M&R with human capital management (HCM), materials management (MM), finance (FI), and controlling (CO) modules
Business results
Reduced equipment operational costs
Improved reliability of vital units
Access to both history and real-time equipment operation and maintenance data
Transparent long-term and short-term M&R planning
Optimization of maintenance workload and inventories to meet M&R needs
M&R planning without affecting production activities
Key functions
01. Certification of operational equipment
02. Data management of standards and failure analysis
03. Formation of M&R needs
Identification of material needs material reservation or creation of purchase orders
05. Control of actual M&R activities implementation
06. Creation and management of procurement schedule
07. M&R personnel, materials and equipment planning
08. Automatic allocation of costs for M&R activities
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