Biocad has automated its warehouse management based on SAP EWM

Biocad has automated its warehouse management based on SAP EWM.


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Head office:
Saint Petersburg
Pharmaceutics and biotechnology

Biocad is one of the largest international innovative biotech companies in Russia engaged in research, development, production and distribution of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products.

The company employs over 2 200 people. The company's branches and offices are located in Russia, USA, Brazil, China, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Finland, UAE and Belarus.

Automation of warehouse management based on SAP EWM and integration with a robotic storage system, a pharmaceutical drug tagging and tracing system as well as quality control functions.


The implementation of the new system was initiated due to the fact that the existing WMS logging system lacked the required flexibility and scalability. Taking into consideration the previous successful ERP implementation based on SAP S/4 HANA, a SAP system was given the preference.

SAP EWM Embedded platform was chosen for warehouse automation. The system was launched simultaneously in two company warehouses (Moscow, Saint Petersburg). By the time of the launch, BIOCAD had already been involved in the QM project directly connected with developing Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine. In this connection, the implementation of SAP warehouse automation system was crucial, since the new Quality Management functionality was impossible without EWM integration, therefore the deadline for the solution implementation was tight (approximately 7 months).

During the implementation of the system in the warehouses the following tasks were performed:
- incoming, outgoing and internal warehouse processes;
- management of serializable products;
- sampling for quality control;
- sample manufacturing for production.

The integration with SAP QM and SAP ATTP was also performed.
Months’ project implementation time
Warehouses were launched simultaneously (Moscow, Saint Petersburg)
End users of the system

SAP EWM solution has helped to automate the company’s warehouses in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
A standard approach for rollout into other warehouses of the company has been developed.
The warehouse management functionality has been enhanced significantly.
Seamless interconnection between the warehouse management, quality control, tagging and tracing of pharmaceutical products in a unified single-vendor infrastructure has been implemented.
A systematic approach to warehouse queue management, including a robotic storage system, has been introduced.

Dmitry Gordeev

Vice President for BIOCAD Finance and Supply Chain Management and Operational Effectiveness
«The implementation of SAP EWM is one of the major projects in the development program of the functional scope of the second wave solution implemented in 2020. The project has proven to be organic and planned automation growth and process development in the field of supply chain management. It has let the technological cycle in the field of materials management (MM-EWM-PP-ATTP-SD) close.

These measures provide the required level of quality traceability of end-to-end processes and opportunities for their regular monitoring and evaluation».
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