Implementation of a global warehouse management system based on SAP EWM allowed Heineken to achieve 100% transparency of product movement from production to delivery

Implementation of a global warehouse management system based on SAP EWM allowed Heineken to achieve 100% transparency of product movement from production to delivery.

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Heineken Breweries LLC

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Heineken Breweries LLC is the Russian division of the Dutch concern HEINEKEN N.V., a world leader in the production of premium sorts of beer and cider, represented in 70 countries. Today HEINEKEN owns seven breweries in Russia. The company’s portfolio includes more than 30 international, national and regional brands. The Russian division of the company employs more than 1900 people.

Achieving transparency and improve the efficiency of warehouses and employees.


The company needed to make the warehouse process transparent and controlled. At the time of the launch of the project, the company operated a self-written WMS, which was not scalable and covered a limited segment of business processes.

Several requirements were identified for the project executor, including the creation of a replicable system template for distribution throughout the country and globally. It was necessary to ensure continuity of work at the launch of the new WMS system and full coverage of the customer’s business processes. For the future system, management made high demands on reliability, scalability, functionality and reputation in the market, which SAP EWM solution fully met.

During the project implementation, it was necessary to eliminate the risk of loss of sales in the event of a failure of the WMS self-written system. In addition, it was necessary to ensure coverage of all business processes, reduce the time spent on logistics, increase the capacity of warehouses and reduce the risks of lack of goods, as well as increase the efficiency of warehouse logistics employees. The first step was a pilot project to automate warehouse operations at one of the HEINEKEN plants in Russia — later it was also used as a pilot for the entire corporation.

For developing business processes, agreeing on compliance of requirements with the standard SAP EWM functionality, employees of the company were involved as the users of the project. Motivational programs were developed for them and a single portal with up-to-date information was created. This allowed us to prepare a team for the launch of a new system and work with it. The new EWM helped the company adjust its management model, change communication and decision-making methods, and strengthen the team.
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The implemented solutions allowed not only improving warehouse operations, but also creating a scalable IT infrastructure that allows maintaining current business operations at a high level at all sites.
The developed template allows to plan the development of the system and introduce improvements with one-time access at all locations.
The implementation of a warehouse management system (WMS) based on SAP EWM allowed to achieve complete automation of the warehouse work. This contributed to achieving business processes of finished goods and raw materials warehouses at a new level of productivity.
During the project, many challenges were overcome, among them a wide geography rollout, rapidly changing requirements of the regulator, stringent requirements for deadlines due to seasonality, a growing level of complexity of operations, including an expanding product range.
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