Warehouse automation with pre-configured SAP EWM solution for Okhapka retail chain

Warehouse automation with pre-configured SAP EWM solution for Okhapka retail chain.


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OOO Okhapka

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Okhapka retail chain, selling goods at low prices, numbers over 60 outlets across the cities in Central, Eastern, and Western Siberia.

To increase speed and accuracy of warehouse operations by automation of main business processes and their integration to the ERP system in use.


Consistently improving their position in the FMCG market led to increased demands in accurate and transparent business processes executed in distribution centers and its greater output. For realization of the project, a pre-configured solution based on SAP EWM was chosen. Due to the lack of warehouse logistics automation, the company depended heavily on competence and experience of its line personnel and needed to use many paper documents for completion of most of the task.

During the project, personnel's work transformed from paper dependent work to the use of personal warehouse terminals that receive tasks automatically from the system.
Months spent on the development of the pre-configured WMS solution for the Okhapka retail chain

During the project, all inbound, inner and outbound warehouse processes were automated: distributional cross-docking, occupational management, and specific scenarios of stocking and slotting.
SAP EWM implementation increased work efficiency of the line personnel and its motivation.
Modified accounting of mistakes in the warehouse processes of working with goods made it possible to reduce damages and prevent misuse of warehouse goods.
Automation also required new warehouse zoning which was only possible with its inner re-organization.

Evgeny Malgin

Okhapka retail chain
«Choosing a partner and a system for warehouse automation is complicated by two tasks of fulfilling two contradictory requirements that are optimal capital investments and time allocated for the project and the necessity of getting a fully functional WM system for achieving the goals of the project and our Okhapka company. We chose NOVARDIS, and their pre-configured solution Novardis EWM based on SAP EWM, for it meets all the requirements set for this project and it also can be implemented in short time and for an optimal price.»
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