Implementing SAP for Retail in Lenta hypermarket chain

Implementing SAP for Retail in Lenta hypermarket chain.


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LLC Lenta

Head office:
Saint Petersburg

Lenta is one of the biggest retail chains in Russia and the 2nd largest hypermarket chain in the country. The company was established in Saint Petersburg in 1993. Lenta controls 81 hypermarkets in 46 Russian cities, and 13 supermarkets in Moscow and the Moscow Region which equals to 536,000 sq km of retail area.
To provide Company’s growth, and increase its capitalization.
To integrate main business processes within a single system.
To leverage international practices and avoid risks related to operation at domestic market only.
To facilitate successful management of all hypermarkets 24/7/365.

The SAP for Retail implementation project for Lenta became the first such project in Russian retail market. Its key objectives were to increase the level of service and resource optimization by real-time receipts and distribution documents processing. The main objective of business development was to optimize business processes for delivering the goods to customers at the lowest prices without losing profits or decreasing the quality of products and services. The IT-system comprised of separate tools that had been in use since 2003 was not able to achieve this objective.

The implementation of SAP for Retail in Lenta bore a specific feature that is a parallel implementation of several modules of the solution which sped up the completion of the project and increased reliability of the tests of system components interaction.
Minutes pass after a receipt issue, then the source data becomes available for online invoicing
Minutes are spent to form an online report on Lenta retail chain turnover with SAP CAR

Implementation of SAP for Retail laid the foundation for the infrastructure that will facilitate rapid development of the main business processes and their further integration within a single system.
With modern technologies, Lenta achieved an economy that makes it possible to reduce prices without damaging profits; now customers receive products in the shortest way at a reasonable price.
Project realization led to the automation of critical points: logistics, warehouse, and financial departments.
Delivery of goods is now under absolute control. Payment planning has become optimal.
SAP for Retail allows to quickly replicate the system in new outlets.

Vsevolod Kuzmich

«Today, all business processes in Lenta are managed in centralized manner and supported by modern high-tech systems. Technological progress does not seem to slow down, so to keep up with the pace required for maintaining business development, we continue implementing new IT-solutions that we integrate with our current SAP system».
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