Implementation project of unified solution for business management based on SAP for Retail for the Globus retail chain

Implementation project of unified solution for business management based on SAP for Retail for the Globus retail chain.

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Globus is an international chain of retail hypermarkets. Today, hypermarkets of Globus operate in Germany, the Czech Republic, and Russia. Globus is a family-founded company established in 1828.
To create a digital database for logistics, in-store operations, inventory control optimization, and to facilitate further digitalization of the company.
To replace paperwork with digital document flow.

Implementation of the unified solution for business management to every German, Czech, and Russian branch of international chain of hypermarkets Globus became one of the biggest projects based on SAP for Retail. Objective for the Russian branch was to establish a flexible, modern system which would lay the foundation for further initiatives within the company and would facilitate its future development.

During the project, IT-architecture of the company was substantially updated. Now data on processes flowing in every branch is aggregated within a single system that allows real-time access. The changes brought staff from 13 outlets, distribution center, and coordination office to the single digital space.
Lower time to generate an order on a supplier’s side
Lower cost of inventory control

Implementation project based on SAP for Retail helped to improve transparency of all business processes.
Automatic ordering based on the SAP F&R system shows the whole assortment of products getting through distribution center.
The objective to replace paperwork with digital documentation was achieved, which means that paper documents are no longer in use, unless it is required by law.
Promotion campaigns were also subject to change: now the SAP Promotion Management is used for promotion planning, while SAP for Retail automatically creates promotion campaigns.

Volker Schaar

Globus Hypermarket Chain in Russia
«Our project is an important step to using a single solution in all three countries of company’s operation. Changes in business management is not the only important result we have achieved, we also monitor the loyalty of our staff to these changes.

As a result, we now have a sustainable tool that is advantageous not only for business owners, but also for end-users. Today, our board level managers timely receive detailed reports on every business operation, while front-line employee can monitor the results achieved in every branch of our chain and use the best practices in their own work».
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