Implementation of the SAP ERP at Talosto Company Group

Implementation of the SAP ERP at Talosto Company Group.


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LLC Talosto

Head office:
Saint Petersburg

Talosto is a joint Russian-Finnish company. Today, it is one of the largest holding companies in the Russian food industry. In total, the company has 2500 employees. The company produces up to 250 tons of product daily.

To increase the quality of management and automate main business processes within the enterprise.


To gain competitive advantages over the popular companies entering the Russian market of frozen food, and to establish a single information space, the company required to get to the next level of business process automation. The choice of the SAP ERP was dictated by its broad functionality and high technical performance.

During the development and realization of the project concept, the following characteristics specific for this given enterprise were considered: seasonal production and product supply; multi-component manufacturing of complex products; conditions for storing frozen products; distribution and transportation of the end products to retail chains and end customers.
Months were needed to implement the SAP ERP system
Reduction of support staff without a decrease in production quality

Realization of the project resulted in a single information space providing the company with an interconnected operation of all departments.
Thanks to the projects, we managed to optimize and automate material flows and sales management, financial and management accounting, production planning, and stock replenishment.
The SAP ERP implementation made it possible to establish effective and sustainable management reporting.
Goods flow gained logistic support; the company converted to a centralized master-data input.

Alexey Abrosimov

Talosto Group
«Thanks to ERP system implementation, Talosto Group now has an effective tool for enterprise management and receives accurate management reports, necessary for making strategic decisions. The system lets us get our logistics to the higher level, optimize sales planning and forecasting, and increased accuracy of the order processing. The NOVARDIS team demonstrated a professional approach and exceptional competence in working with manufacturing company's business processes; experts of the company were eager to find an optimal solution based on the best world practices. On behalf of Talosto Group, I would like to extend my gratitude to NOVARDIS for the work done, and I would like to recommend this company as a professional, trust-worthy partner in terms of SAP consulting».
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