Molniya and SPAR Ural retail chains get to a new digitalization level with SAP S/4HANA and the pre-configured solution Novardis Retail

Molniya and SPAR Ural retail chains get to a new digitalization level with SAP S/4HANA and the pre-configured solution Novardis Retail.

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MOLL is a retail chain comprising two brands: Molniya and SPAR. The chain is one of the trade volume leaders among the retailers in the Chelyabinsk Region. This multi-format retail chain runs hyper- and supermarkets, and corner stores that service more than 100,000 customers daily across the whole region.

To establish a digital platform that promotes intensive growth of the company and increasing of its market representation in the region.


The key objective of the project was to establish a digital platform that would promote company growth at the planned pace and increase its market representation in the Ural region. Before the SAP implementation, the company used an outdated custom solution. Due to its technical features it could not sustain the rapid growth and development. MOLL decided to run a tender which resulted in choosing the SAP S/4HANA platform and Novardis Retail industrial solution.

The project team was given a challenging task: To achieve results within the shortest time and smallest labor cost. The project took 10 months that included the period of pandemic. A joint team, consisting of customer’s employees and NOVARDIS consultants, realized the most challenging parts of the project remotely.

A modern digital platform, that has been launched in MOLL, meets objectives of the company of achieving sustainable growth, opening new outlets, broadening assortment, and consolidating their leading position among retail chains in the region.
Months passed between the moment of the project start and the launch of SAP S/4HANA and NOVARDIS Retail
Users were involved in working with the new system by the end of the project

The implementation of NOVARDIS Retail resulted in an advent of a single scalable system based on the SAP platform in MOLL. The platform will develop and grow hand in hand with the company.
Data processing costs have been cut, along with the improvement in quality of information in the system. Errors are located and rectified much faster.
Management quality has increased: ERP system users receive relevant information from a single informational environment in real time, which leads to a decrease in time spent on routine task executions and an increase in employee’s quality of work in general.
This business initiative also allowed the company to broaden its database which resulted in opening new outlets, assortment broadening and a more effective use of operational analytics.

Yulia Kharitonovich

«Before the project realization, MOLL used an outdated custom solution that due to its functionality, could not promote broadening of the database which restricted opening new outlets, assortment broadening, full-scale use of operational analytics. A system update was impossible, we decided to analyze the ERP systems market and chose a modern platform. The company ran a tender that resulted in choosing SAP S/4HANA and the NOVARDIS Retail industrial solution. This solution helped major product retailer MOLL to support the continual operating of outlets, transparency of informational environment, and high effectiveness of its business operations. We suggest that this modern ERP system will meet our requirements at full scale».
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