Implementation of the innovative enterprise management platform based on SAP S/4HANA for Pulkovo

Implementation of the innovative enterprise management platform based on SAP S/4HANA.

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Northern Capital
Gateway Consortium

Head office:
Saint Petersburg

Pulkovo is the 4th largest Russian airport by passenger traffic. Since 2010, Pulkovo has been managed and developed by Northern Capital Gateway Consortium.
Improve the airport’s operating efficiency and transparency.
Optimize core business processes.
Enable immediate reporting in all airport activities to improve the decision-making process.

The project launched to implement a modern efficient ERP solution intended to manage the increased number of airport operations.

Before the project start, several requirements to the new ERP were defined, such as high productivity, multi-user continuous operation mode, reporting and controlling automation, and standardization of core business processes.

The project’s key feature was that power users and the implementation team worked remotely. The project covered all business units of Pulkovo airport. The project team included 160 employees representing different functions.

The project required team consolidation, efficient employee communication, and the company management’s engagement.

Due to the concerted efforts of the project teams, the new intelligent platform launched on time and enabled the airport operator to automate management and reporting processes and build a unified transparent corporate information system.
Increase in inventory turnover
Increase in delivery service level
Reduction of report generation efforts

Implementation of SAP S/4HANA enables cost accounting and allocation with more precise calculation of each flight marginality. Data can be deployed by the air company or flight direction.
Automated calculation of all repair costs and a detailed analysis of the maintenance cost structure.
Automated lessee accounting, a more precise and timely invoicing, and detailed marginality calculation.
Automated purchasing process implemented and comprehensive process controlling.
All types of financial accounting are now automated, such as IFRS, Russian Accounting Standards, taxation, and management accounting. The complicated work clothes accounting system is now automated and complies with all occupational health and safety requirements.
Improved quality of airport cash flow management.

Leonid Sergeev

Northern Capital Gateway Consortium
«Introduction of an innovative enterprise management platform based on SAP S/4HANA with in-memory technology and machine learning enabled us to implement a global digital transformation strategy at the Pulkovo Airport».
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