SAP Implementation allows MegaFon Retail to unify processes, introduce an effective document management system and increase the accuracy of demand forecasting

SAP Implementation allows MegaFon Retail to unify processes, introduce an effective document management system and increase the accuracy of demand forecasting.

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MegaFon Retail JSC

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MegaFon Retail JSC is a MegaFon subsidiary focused on servicing and attracting customers, as well as selling communications services and equipment.
Inventory reduction.
Sales increase.
Workflow unification.

SAP system deployed at MegaFon Retail was not integrated with MegaFon's SAP solutions, therefore the companies’ back-office processes, including non-commercial procurement and document management, were not unified. Specialized industry processes were carried out partly in the existing SAP system, partly in disparate external systems and Excel, which did not allow the use of best practices and advanced technical tools and approaches.

To unify the workflow of the parent and subsidiary companies and increase the efficiency of retail sales, the “INZHIR” project (Retail Reengineering) was started.

The project was implemented on time, efficiently and within budget; set goals are fully achieved.

Despite the difficulties of the initial stage, due to the large number of technological and organizational transformations, employees welcomed the new initiative.

Mostly key users participated in the work, but after the launch and the adaptation period, the benefits of the solution were appreciated by all employees of the company.
Weeks ― the period of re-forecasting sales for the entire network
Factors + 180 events — are the basis for forecasting events
Order schedules

As a result of SAP implementation, “back office” processes (financial operations, non-commercial purchases, document flow) of MegaFon Retail were brought into line with similar MegaFon processes.
The key change was the transition to the use of the MegaDoc electronic document management system deployed in the parent company.
Specialized industry processes are implemented as part of a new methodology for planning turnover, as well as assortment management, forecasting demand and distribution.
The implementation of the “INZHIR” project ensured the unification of the general processes of the group of companies.
Automation helped improve the accuracy of demand forecasting processes. The level of inventories was optimized, the transparency of the supply chain dramatically increased, and the time for calculating the demand for goods was reduced.
More efficient product distribution algorithms were introduced.
Integrated automation based on SAP creates the necessary technical capabilities for further strategic changes, such as the transfer of part of the business processes to the General Service Center.

Olga Utina

Megafon Retail
«The «INZHIR» project has fully met our expectations: our business now relies on processes that are streamlined, automated and unified with the systems of the parent company, which lays the foundation for further development».
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