The migration of the Komus online store from proprietary software to SAP Customer Experience boosts the efficiency of the company's electronic sales channel

The migration of the Komus online store from proprietary software to SAP Customer Experience boosts the efficiency of the company's electronic sales channel.

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Retail/Wholesale and Manufacturing

Komus, founded in 1990, provides goods for the home and office, including equipment and machinery, as well as paper, cardboard and various packaging, consumables, food, household goods, health and beauty products. The company is an exclusive distributor of Kores, Sax, Bantex and official distributor of 110 leading manufacturers from 15 countries of America, Europe and Asia.

Komus owns 7 factories in the Moscow Region and other regions of Russia, which produce plastic packaging, office supplies and paper products.

Increase the share of the electronic channel in total sales, promptly making changes to the content and functionality of the online store, reducing the risks of operating the electronic sales tool.


At the time of the start of the project, the Komus online store, launched in 2000, worked quite successfully and had extensive functionality. The company was to improve its electronic sales channel, maintaining and expanding existing capabilities.

To upgrade the online store, SAP Customer Experience platform was chosen. It was assumed that the modern marketing tools implemented in it would provide additional turnover. Among the main tasks of the transition to an industrial e-commerce platform was to ensure individual pricing for corporate partners, update the consolidated order service, get a tool for creating marketing campaigns, and ensure the scalability of the online store.

During the preparation of the project, Komus specialists studied the experience of Western SAP customers with similar business and sales volume. Implementation of SAP Customer Experience was initiated by the department responsible for the operation and effectiveness of the electronic sales channel. The customer’s project team had the opportunity to influence the design of the final product.

Komus employees were interested in the result of the project. The company's management also showed increased attention to the development of the electronic sales channel, as this area is strategically important for business development. The implementation process was iterative due to changes being constantly made with close interaction of the customer’s teams and the contractor.
Conversion increase
Acceleration of growth of online sales share
Order cost decrease

The implementation of SAP Customer Experience provided the ability to apply any pricing scenario for corporate partners.
The functions of the consolidated order were redesigned, the approach to the use of faceted filters and subcategories was optimized.
Marketing staff can now make the required changes to the product classifier and run promotions without the participation of programmers.
The end users of the new platform are online store customers. As SAP Customer Experience ’s implementation was accompanied by changes in the website’s design, IT, sales representatives, and support were very attentive to user comments. As a result of careful work to promote the new design, the adaptation time was reduced.
The implementation of SAP Customer Experience significantly increased the flexibility of e-commerce.
The problem of regional pricing has been solved (set of margins and discounts depending on the region).
The updated consolidated order service allows one to work with large partners that have an extensive branch structure and saves their resources when placing an order.
The toolkit for creating marketing campaigns makes it possible to plan new events based on the “construction kit” principle.
The scalability of the platform allows one to dynamically increase computing power to handle an increasing number of orders, visits and assortment.

Oxana Egorova

Head of Internet Marketing
«With SAP Customer Experience, we have gained great flexibility, responsiveness and focus on Internet marketing. As a result of the implementation, the web-site’s manageability and the effectiveness of our operations increased, and, most importantly, the satisfaction of our customers from interacting with the online store increased».
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