Implementation of a transportation management and automated warehouse system for Damate

Implementation of a transportation management and automated warehouse system. Integration with automated equipment in warehouse and manufacturing processes.


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Damate Group

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Damate Group is a Russian agricultural holding involved in several kinds of business such as turkey production and its processing, dairy farming, milk processing, lamb and duck production. The company operates in several regions — Penza region, Tyumen region and the North Caucasian Federal District. The staff of Damate Group enterprises is over 6000 people.
Optimization of planning and transportation management processes.
Improved efficiency of warehouse operations taking into account the supply of goods with different temperature storage and production process requirements.

The basis of the new warehouse system is an automated conveyor technology, which minimizes the movement of products at all stages from acceptance to shipment and eliminates human involvement. The SAP EWM solution allows Damate to significantly reduce the recruitment of warehouse personnel, reduce the number of errors caused by the human factor, speed up the processes of acceptance and placement of finished products, as well as fully automate the processes of picking and forming pallets for shipment.

Within the framework of the project, the processes of planning and managing transportation with the calculation of product packaging in trays and pallet configuration are also implemented. All this makes it possible to reduce the number of manual operations and errors in the transport planning system and increase efficiency in route planning taking into account the current traffic situation.
SAP TM implementation has reduced the number of manual operations and errors in the transportation planning system.
Route planning efficiency has increased dramatically — routes are developed based on the actual traffic situation.
Both the proper pallet loading time and the end customer order unloading time have been reduced. The risk of potential non- compliance with axle load requirements has been minimized.
During the SAP EWM implementation, finished-product manufacturing processes were integrated with warehouse processes (the finished-product manufacturing line is connected to the warehouse receipt line).
Warehouse processes have been fully integrated with the automated warehouse equipment (assembly lines, cranes, storage areas, picking and packaging areas, discharge channels) practically in all workflows.
Picking and planning processes using gates have been integrated with the accounting system and the transportation planning and management system.
Due to the automated warehouse processes the company has reduced its staff and minimized the risk of human errors.
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