Wholesale trade and distribution

NOVARDIS offers wholesale companies and distributors SAP / SAP Hybris solutions, which cover the entire range of business processes, from strategy and planning to control of the range of logistics processes and settlement.

E-commerce for wholesale

SAP Hybris B2B Commerce contains all the necessary functions to organize the processes of buying and selling for either wholesale or distribution. This high-performance platform supports more than 20 million SKUs and is able to process more than 6,000 transactions per second.

SAP solutions for Wholesale trade and distribution:

  • SAP ERP, SAP for Wholesale Distribution – resource management system for both wholesale and distribution organizations
  • SAP SCM – supply chain management automation
  • SAP TM – automation of transport logistics
  • SAP EWM – extended warehouse management
  • SAP EM (Event Management) – a system for cargo tracking and transportation
  • SAP CRM – relationships with wholesale customers
  • SAP BusinessObjects – system for Business Intelligence
  • Powerful tool for business intelligence – SAP HANA
  • SAP E-Recruiting – search / hiring sales staff
  • Portal solutions based on SAP PO (Process Orchestration)
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Mobile Applications

Pre-configured solutions for Wholesale Trade based on SAP software:

  • Novardis EWM – extended warehouse management
  • Novardis Multi-channel Sales and E-Commerce – a system for multi-channel commerce
  • Novardis Supplier Portal – a portal for suppliers and wholesale customers
  • Novardis CRM Loyalty Management

The advantages of using SAP software for wholesale trade / distribution:

  • An increase in the efficiency of interaction with partners across all channels;
  • An increase in profit margin, lowering operating costs;
  • Efficient use of warehouse space, transportation, domestic services;
  • A more efficient use of assets.

SAP systems for wholesale trade and distribution help to optimize business processes, reduce costs associated with the supply of goods, increase profits, and improve communication with suppliers, partners and customers. With access to the necessary information in real-time wholesale companies will be able to effectively manage resources and improve the quality of customer service. SAP helps to achieve real business benefits and returned value in 2-3 years.


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